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Welcome to RC Studio

RC Studio is a Malaysia top 10 Wedding Cinematography & Photography studio based at Penang Driven by the passion for still and motion, we have always been seeking an interesting and fresh breakthrough to deliver breath taking cinematic wedding film as well as wedding photography. With a team which is able to support high quality requirements from his potential clients, delivering the professional standard’s photographs and cinematography productions. Having 10 years experience in photography and cinematography, our team owns skills which enable us to produce the most ideal shots, being real and yet at its best setting, delivering the best possible results

Our main focus falls into 3 categories:

Our Principle Photographer & Cinematographer

Our priciple photographer & cinematographer, Master Ronnie Chan craft his work in a unique blend of style which developed from broad range of artistic and photographic experience. Furthermore, he was photography lecturer in KDU college and constantly invited by photography association to coach and sharing session. Everyone can capture a photo, but not everyone can capture a beautiful moments. Ronnie believes that there is no perfect photo but only perfect moment. After a months of years of planning a wedding, all of it ends within a day or two. All that left behind are those beautiful photos that had been captured with full of emotion, joy and laughter. His style of approach intended to be memorable and storytelling where the couple can re-live back the moment of their wedding day.


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